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New fuel from used oil

BRAKE. With a workshop on hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany launched the initiative for an HVO model region Unterweser this March in Brake. The fuel produced from used grease or cooking oil and hydrogen has benefits. It can be produced regionally and reduce climate-damaging emissions of inland and smaller seagoing vessels by up to 80 per cent. According to Professor Iven Krämer, Head of the Port Economy and Logistics for the Senator for Economic Affairs, Ports and Transformation in Bremen, the initial HVO test runs have been promising.

Credits: Wolfgang Heumer

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Bremen-based ideas for the maritime hydrogen economy

Bremen-based ideas for the maritime hydrogen economy

DEN HELDER/BREMEN. Officially launched in Den Helder, Netherlands, in mid-February, the EU’s North Sea Hydrogen Valley Ports project is funded by the EU’s Interreg programme and aims to develop ports into central hubs for green hydrogen and power-to-X fuels like methanol and ammonia.

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