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Expansion of offshore hydrogen production

HANNOVER. The Offshore Wind Energy Foundation published its first Demand and Potential Analysis on Green Hydrogen Production from Offshore Wind Energy in Germany in September. According to the study, more than 60 gigawatts of installable offshore power can be achieved on the basis of the new spatial plans, provided that all available options are utilised. The analysis, prepared by the consultancy Deutsche WindGuard, stated that more than 1.2 million tonnes of green hydrogen could be generated per year. For Olaf Lies (SPD, right), Lower Saxony Minister for the Environment and Energy, the study shows that offshore wind energy is the key factor in achieving the climate goals. Lies continued: “Without offshore expansion, we will not be able to achieve either climate neutrality or the amount of electricity and hydrogen needed for it.”

Photo: Niedersächsisches Umweltministerium

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