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„Ports remain engine of Bremen economy“

BREMEN. Bremen‘s Senator for Science and Ports, Dr Claudia Schilling, launched the dialogue process for the further development of Bremen‘s port concept with a digital kick-off event in May. „By updating the Bremen Port Concept, we want to strengthen the competitiveness of Bremen‘s ports and create the basis for new growth,“ said Dr. Schilling. At the beginning of the event, Bremen‘s mayor Dr Andreas Bovenschulte paid tribute to the achievements of the ports there during the pandemic: „Our ports have proven their efficiency even in these difficult times. This was only possible because the private and public sectors did a superb job together.“ He added that the ports will continue to be of central importance in the future. „The ports remain the powerhouse of Bremen‘s economy,“ he said. Bovenschulte also announced that around half a billion euros would be invested in the infrastructure of the local ports over the next ten years.

Credit: bremenports

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