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Wilhelmshaven Could Become the Hub for German and European Hydrogen Economy

Wilhelmshaven, July 2021. Wilhelmshaven has an excellent prospect to become an important hub for hydrogen. At this location, there are multiple large projects in planning surrounding this promising energy source that is slated to become a key supporting pillar of the energy transition. Olaf Lies, Niedersachsen’s State Minister for Environment, Energy, Building, and Climate Protection, and Siemtje Möller, SPD politician and Member of the Bundestag for Wilhelmshaven, have gathered the participating companies around the “Hydrogen Roundtable”. In July, they discussed, how Wilhelmshaven could be developed as an H2 hub in Europe for the import, production, storage, transport, and consumption of this energy source.

 “Wilhelmshaven has a great potential to become an important interface for hydrogen in Europe. Together with the companies that want to invest in this region, we would like to seize this opportunity” Siemtje Möller emphasizes. Key elements in this context are the projects Green Wilhelmshaven (Uniper), WH2Connect (Nowega, OGE), and H2CAST Etzel / HYDRA (STORAG ETZEL)

Credits: JadeWeserPort

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